Monthly Archives: July 2006

Our Wedding!

Yes, we’ve gotten hitched. I’ll write more later, but people have been asking for the links to the photos. Here is the link to Sujal’s page where there are links to his Flickr page with the photos. Enjoy, and please leave us comments.

Wedding Update 7

Again, I have updated the wedding page. This should be the final update to the schedule. Please join us for as many activities as you might like. Feel free to call us as you arrive.

Wedding Update 6 — the Schedule and Links

I just updated the wedding page so there is a more detailed itinerary for those that want it. There are also numerous helpful links.

Wedding Update 5

I’ve updated accommodation lists below and added some rates. Click here and scroll down to see them. I’ll be posting a schedule update soon. We are getting very excited!

Ned Lamont and the Debate with Lieberman

Last night we watched the debate between Lamont and Lieberman, and while Lamont did not come off as polished (which is fine with me) and while he kept referring to himself in the third person (remember when that did Bob Dole in?), Lieberman was just nasty. I was shocked at how much he was behaving like a ill-mannered republican — almost like George Bush in the last debates. He kept cutting Lamont off, exceeding his speaking times, and behaving in an arrogant manner. Clearly Lieberman feels threatened that he is preparing to run as an independent. I tried looking fr a transcript of the debate and couldn’t find one, but here’s what the Lamont Blog says.

After the debate, Sujal and I went to Tisane for a meet and greet. Sujal writes about it on his blog. When we finally had a chance to shake hands with him, he looked exhausted, as I’m sure he was. But her really perked up when he saw Sujal. I guess that’s because Sujal is so good looking!


Why? Why? Why?

Gosh — I want to say something about this, and yet I am so far from comprehending our actions and inaction that I have no idea what to say. Are we choosing to attack countries based on vendettas, based on the perceived ease of victory, based on which way the wind is blowing? I don’t particularly advocate invading N. Korea, but “consideration” of condemnation?

Is this how the world works — despots trying to amass land and power? Why? Why? Why? (Though I say this living in a nation with power…)

The Fall of Ken Lay in Shades of Grey

As I read about Ken Lay‘s death, I remembered an old cliche — that it is harder for White collar criminals to deal with being caught than it is for — well, what would you call non-white collar crimes? We wouldn’t say Blue-collar and boy is it presumptuous to say violent criminals. One thing is clear, it makes for a different kind of drama.

I tend to view the world in a more, shall we say, ‘equitable’ way — that there should be equal punishment, though I also strongly believe that we as a nation should put our efforts into reform rather than straight-up punishment. What do people think about this one? Is it harder for the Ken Lays to serve 20 years than for John Doe who robbed a bank?

I have always had a problem with hierarchies to begin with, so take away the hierarchy, and the white collar criminals won’t feel that archangel fall. I bring this up because I immediately thought that this process has most certainly taken a toll on Mr. Lay, and I feel some sympathy for the stress he must have undergone. We all screw up. But that’s one hell of a way to screw up — and to add immense stress to others’ lives. I wonder if the stress of losing one’s retirement savings has so adversely affected the health of any victims of the crime?

We got some bright lights!

Damn! Our house is a hotbed of brightness since we decided to go and get all new energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. While the up front expense wasn’t pennies, we figure we won’t have to buy new light bulbs for at least 4-6 years. Hell, if we sell the house and move before then, well have to take our light bulbs with us!

We were motivated to switch all of them over by the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Granted, we’d started buying them before, but we thought it was time for the whole house overhaul. So far, so bright.