Monthly Archives: March 2007


Woo-hoo! We’re officially on Vacation! Here is a tribute to March Break:

I really wanted to ’embed’ this 1982 appearance of the Go-go’s doing “Vacation.” Watch it. It’s 80’s-liscious.



I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of one of our cats retching. It turns out, one of them vomited on my Joy of Cooking. I’m trying to figure out if I should take it personally.

Save The World

Every once in awhile, Sujal asks me what is missing from the web — what service would I like to exist on the web that doesn’t. Sometimes we sit and brainstorm about this, and by “we,” I mean him (mostly). Today, I said instead of some money-making site, ad-driven site in an ad-drive culture, what about starting To which he promptly replied, he was sure it already existed.

Of course something so obvious as must exist, and it does. I looked up and, both bringing me to the same site about fossil fuels.

But when I tried, it came up with the site It looks like a really cool site with lots of info on social issues around the world. I just wanted to share my serendipitous find, since my husband cannot use the already taken idea. He loves creating sites, like the commercial music one.

Silly Teacher Rap

Check out this silly video:

Saturday Cat Blogging

We got a fancy new camera today. I took pictures of the cats. Here’s Cliche with her tongue sticking out — guess she’s getting ready to take a drink.

Cliche drinking

And here’s a cute picture of little Tillie.


I found out that I accidentally left an open can of cat food on the counter. That’s way they were so quiet and not bothering us. I could hear the quiet sound of licking in the next room. Naughty cats.


We had dinner with friends at Pintu’s, an indian restaurant in West Springfield, MA. My friends Lara and Joe live in Springfield, and they found this great place a few years back. Part of the reason they keep coming back is because of Pintu himself, the gregarious restauranteur. We’ve now been there several times, and it is a great place — rivals India Oven. Their Saag Paneer is great, as is the Nav Ratten Korma. I like India Oven’s Shahi Paneer Korma a bit better.

As I said, one of the great aspects of the restaurant is the owner himself. He always remembers us, no matter how silly I’ve been during my last visit. He remembered we were getting married in Maine and asked us how it was. He is also great at suggesting wines, as we had a great shiraz with our dinner. The low lighting and rich colors of the decor make for a great dining atmosphere. So when in West Springfield, stop in and try it out!

Furry Visitor

No ‘possums in the garage today, but we saw the cute litttle one climbing our fence this evening and scurrying away. Glad he’s eating our pests. We haven’t named them yet. I think we will on our next sighting of them.