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Cliche Update

Cliche came home today. She has two little shaved spots, and she looks a little thinner, though she seems very happy to be home. She curled up next to me on the couch. She’s on little kitty medications for a bit — and she just LOVES taking her meds. Last time we had to give her banana-flavored antibiotics. Apparently, they don’t make flavors for cats. It’s just the human stuff. In truth, everyone knows cats are bananas about banana.

We are just glad to have our little girl home. Tillie seemed fairly unfazed, though she liked having the couch to herself yesterday. She was extra snuggly while Cliche was gone. She actually gave a little cry as we gave cliche her medicine today. Sympathy?

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Wednesday Catblogging Part II

Little Cliche is in the kitty hospital right now. She’s sick — has urinary stones and potentially has an infection. We are a bit worried about her, so I figured I should post another picture of the kitties — because that cures ’em, right?Here’s Cliche in her morning pose — looking out the bedroom window, checking out the ‘hood.


As I was grading papers this evening, and Tillie looked so cute this lying on the radiator. She likes to lie on hot radiators, and I got the whole warmth factor — but these are hot! I’m not sure how her little kitteny toes can handle it. But they seem to hold up.


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Wednesday Catblogging

I realize it has been awhile. And it’s not Friday. But here goes:Here is a picture of Cliche by her favorite piece of furniture in the house — the cat fountain. Does that count as furniture?


Then we have a picture of Tillie by her favorite piece of furniture (well, perhaps not her favorite) — one of our new dining room chairs:


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