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Hooray for Obama!!!

What an amazing day! I finally watched the speeches today. Obama is pretty amazing.

Obama’s Acceptance Speech

California’s Proposition 8

While I know this is not a new viewpoint, I just can’t help but see proposition 8 and laws banning gay marriage as akin to anti-miscegenation laws. And as a “miscegenator,” I deeply empathize with those disallowed to marry. In 1924 in Virginia, a “Racial Integrity Act” was passed, outlawing marriage between anyone white and non-white. Who could find fault with a law that claims it has “integrity”? If you name an intolerant law a “family” law, it does not make it innocuous.

If we go down that road, or the road of banning gay marriage, both of which seem to have arguments based in religion, shouldn’t we then outlaw marriages between two people of differing religions? And then once we do that, shouldn’t we just outlaw all religions but the one true religion? Oh — look, religious fighting and religious intolerance. Isn’t that what we complain about our enemies — they are so intolerant. Why can’t they just get along?

This article by Paggy Bascoe explains the link well.