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Our First Anniversary

Sujal and I took a quick weekend trip down to Washington, DC for our first anniversary. Here is a little “anniversary blogging” by the White House. Those of you who know Sujal well know that he has quite an affinity for the current White House resident, as do I.


Our intent was to go to the National Mall and see a few museums in the Smithsonian. I wanted to do a quick detour to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. On our way, we stopped to see the new World War II Memorial. Here is a photo:


It was a beautiful memorial, and it was very traditional, but Sujal and I both felt it lacked something. For me it lacked the personal quality the Vietnam War Memorial has. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful piece of artwork.

While there, I read an inscription that was a quote (now I don’t remember the particulars) about the naval force (I think?) being victorious. I mentioned to Sujal that I know that the US was “victorious” in WWII, but that I had never really thought of it in those terms. I don’t really think of wars as ever being victorious. Of course I know wars are fought to be won, but I don’t believe that wars have winners. That is not to say that I don’t believe the US should have been involved in WWII. Hitler needed to be stopped for sure! But I still do not think of the US as being “victorious.” Yes, we “defeated” Hitler, but we lost a lot. I think of the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen. These potential semantics made Sujal question me on my comment.

This line of thinking demarcates a zone where Sujal and I do not think alike. We have very different ways of conceptualizing and perceiving the world, thus it led to a bit of a confrontation. Being the established married couple we are (we are not newlyweds anymore), we easily weather all disagreements.

After we passed the WWII Memorial, we walked past the reflecting pool that separates the WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. One end was pure sludge — algae and whatever else might have been growing. It was just disgusting, stinking muck. And yet, we saw this:


These two ducks were in the sludge with their little beaks in the muck. Somehow it just seemed like a metaphor for the state of our current administration. Sujal and I had been talking about Dickens on the ride down, and this was just too Dickensian of a symbol to pass up.

After a long, hot walk, we finally arrived at the History museum, to find out it was closed for renovations. We then headed to the National Gallery. I really wanted to see one of my favorite paintings — it hangs there. I saw it twice before, and I love it. So we went to find it in the wing of American art — also closed for renovations. Then I recalled that sometimes the artist is groups with the French Impressionists. I asked at the info desk, and yes, Mary Cassatt is grouped with the French Impressionists. The clerk asked which painting I was looking for, and I told her that it was Child in a Straw Hat. She looked it up and said that it was not on display at this time. I was a little heart broken, but I somehow managed to go on.

We went to the Air and Space Museum next. After seeing a few exhibits, we went to see an Imax movie called Adrenaline Rush which was about skydiving and base jumping. It was decent — the camera shots were beautiful, but the script was really cheesy. Then we went to see Cosmic Collisions, a planetarium show narrated by Robert Redford, which was also decent.

After getting our space ice cream, we hoofed it back to our hotel. We stayed at the Topaz Hotel, a very trendy and eco-friendly hotel in DC. It is part of the Kimpton Group, trendy, eco-friendly fairly upscale hotels. We really liked the place a lot. It is decorated in a modern and eclectic fashion, so it is kind of funky. We definitely recommend it, especially during a summer weekend, because we got a really cheap rate!

We then went out for a lovely dinner at Raku — An Asian Diner. We were so hungry, that it tasted like one of the best meal we’ve ever had. It was good, too. We each had pad thai. I also had the vietnamese spring rolls. I love them! I used to order them whenever I went to Lotus, a restaurant in Minneapolis. Vietnamese spring rolls are tough to find around here.

The next morning, we met Sujal’s friend Kim for a lovely brunch at another Kimpton hotel. Then we headed home on another traffic-filled highway. Of course we made a pit stop in New Jersey where Sujal got me a great anniversary gift (I’d already given him his). All in all, it was a pretty great first anniversary. We’ve both been fairly busy (he more so than me), so it was good to spend some time together.


We didn’t make the Times, but the next best thing…

So I checked The New York Times to see if they listed our wedding announcement, and they did not. I’m miffed, because it is my firm belief that Sujal and I belong in the society pages. Alas, we made the society page on the next best publication, The Buffalo News. Check it out!

Our Wedding!

Yes, we’ve gotten hitched. I’ll write more later, but people have been asking for the links to the photos. Here is the link to Sujal’s page where there are links to his Flickr page with the photos. Enjoy, and please leave us comments.

Wedding Update 7

Again, I have updated the wedding page. This should be the final update to the schedule. Please join us for as many activities as you might like. Feel free to call us as you arrive.

Wedding Update 6 — the Schedule and Links

I just updated the wedding page so there is a more detailed itinerary for those that want it. There are also numerous helpful links.

Wedding Update 5

I’ve updated accommodation lists below and added some rates. Click here and scroll down to see them. I’ll be posting a schedule update soon. We are getting very excited!

We interrupt for this important wedding message

For those of you coming to the wedding, we have found some inexpensive rooms. The Best Western has rooms still for just around $120 which, based on the location, is a nice price. A number of our guests are already staying there. You can find the online reservation page on the Best Western site. It’s a little bit outside of Bar Harbor (10 minutes) but the price is worth it if you have a car.

We also have two rooms held at the Acadia Inn. It’s much closer, but also about $70 more per night (around $170-190, depending on how many people are in the room). It’s owned by the same people that run the Bar Harbor Inn (the location of our wedding and reception), and they’re good people.

If you have any other questions or need anything else, give us a call. You should have our number on the invitations.

Wedding Updates

We’ve made a few updates to the wedding site — including updating places to stay. Scroll down the wedding page.

We also have made headway in planning. We have several “vendors” chosen, and we are getting very excited!!!!!

Bridal Shower

Last weekend my sister threw a wonderful bridal shower for me! Leading up to it, I was getting a bit nervous. A friend who recently got married told me she had read in Emily Post (after her own bridal shower) that you’re not supposed to ooh and aah over gifts that you receive off of your registry. Instead you are supposed to merely thank the giver for her generosity, otherwise it looks like you are fawning over your own great taste. Questions began swirling in my head: How do I act? What if I get too excited? What is the proper etiquette for the bride?

OMG, did I google etiquette for the bride?? OMG, am I a bride? Holy Crap! I’m a bride.

On the Thursday morning before my shower I realized that I am indeed a bride. I had not though about myself in those terms. I was genuinely freaked out about it until about 7th period lunch, when enough of my colleagues assured me that I wouldn’t make any faux pas, that as the bride, you really can’t unless you don’t thank someone. One of my many mantras in life is that Emily Post is for the birds. (I firmly believe that all birds should follow proper etiquette.) What my little breakdown was about was that word. By the time I got home and looked into my handsome groom’s eyes, being a bride was suddenly a very good thing again. He is pretty handsome, after all (even if he does like the musical, Rent).

So the shower was quite lovely. My sister ran a tight ship. One of the best touches to the shower was how everyone brought (or wrote there) a bit of advice for Sujal and me. My sister coordinated it so that she read the advice aloud as I was opening the gift from the advice-giver. Tres cool. I also got lots of good recipes, more impetus to get me a-cookin’. I’ve always wanted Sujal to serenade me with a little Hank Williams.

I was also amazed at how generous everyone was, both with their time, efforts, and gifts. We got some very creative gifts, some risque gifts, and one gift that was wrapped about 10 times, that had to be passed to various individuals around the room. Fun was had by all. We really did have a good time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been generous with shower gifts before, but it is different when you are on the receiving end. I just didn’t expect such generosity!! The only down side was that we didn’t get to chat with guests as much as we’d have liked. Several guests came from pretty far away, including Sujal’s mom and sisters. My friend Kirsten and her aunt drove for about 7 hours to come.

I’d been sad that my grandmothers could not attend. I was telling some colleagues that Thursday at lunch that all the other granddaughters in my family got the traditional big shower thrown by my grandmother and that I was a bit sad that I wasn’t going to get that. My cousin Cindy got at least three crock pots at hers! Of course my colleagues thought that I had done something that offended my grandmother. Alas, my grandmother could not be at my shower because she passed away a few years ago. And while I did get the traditional shower, and I am very grateful for it, I did miss having my grandmothers there.

Oh — and Sujal and I are supposed to have 5 kids — I broke 5 ribbons. I was going for as many as I could, trying to defy biology. Sujal said that I shouldn’t do that because I might have quintuplets. My mom called this AM and told me that I don’t need to buy onesies, because she inadvertently got 36 of them. Even 36 might not tie over our quintuplets…

Wedding Page Update

We’ve updated the wedding page with airport and travel info. And I’ve added B&B info and updated some of the other categories.