Monthly Archives: June 2010

Simon’s Cat

I don’t recall how I stumbled upon this, but I love this little series of animated “films” called Simon’s Cat. Click on “films.” They’re great for cat people — accurate and funny — and he really nails cat mannerisms.
"TV Dinner"


Tea Roses Tea Room

I just had tea at Tea Roses Tea Room in Cromwell, CT, and it was lovely. I think the little guy inside me liked it, too, because he’s currently doing somersaults!

It’s a charming place — lovely place settings, great china, fun variety of teacups. The food was fabulous. It started with delicious heart-shaped scones with cream, lemon curd, and jam — SO GOOD! Then they had tea sandwiches — cucumber, turkey salad, brown bread with fig spread, and humous and red pepper wraps — all in delicate tea sandwich form. Then dessert was wonderful — poundcake dipped in ganache, lemon tarts, cheesecake, and shortbread cookies with jam.

The tea we were served was the house blend, and it was excellent. I highly recommend this place. The proprietor and hostess, Peggy, was extraordinarily welcoming and explained everything. We had a really lovely time.

Fun Father’s Day Read

Father and Child Here is a fun article from the New York Times about fawning fathers in the wild kingdom.

Finally, the Recognition it Deserves

This was fun to see in the New York Times. I’ve been a fan (oh, guilty pleasure) of I Can Has Cheesburger for a long time.