Monthly Archives: September 2008

Abusive Language?

Sujal showed me this website, Wordsplosian, which shows misuse of language, mainly in public places. As an English teacher, it’s not terribly shocking to see these, yet some are pretty funny!

Burn After Reading

Sujal and I went to see the new Coen brothers’ film, Burn After Reading. It is very bizarre in the way one might expected to not expect from the Coen brothers. Frances McDormand is a really great actress! The whole cast is awesome, actually. I highly recommend this flic!


New Britain, CT — a.k.a. Little Poland

How I love going to Broad St. in New Britain, CT. It is chockfull of little polish delis, grocers, bakeries, restaurants, and of course, polish people! It’s a bit odd going there, too, because I look like I totally belong there. Being a purebred of polish ancestry, I look polish. So when I go there, people often presume I speak Polish. I don’t, aside from a few words, which are mainly swear words I learned from my wonderful polish grandmothers.

I went there today to meet a friend at the European Cafe, a small cafe in the heart of the polish community. It was a lovely little cafe at 113 Broad St. I recommend it. We had very yummy nalesniki (which were listed on the menu in English as “crepes”).

While there, these two ladies were sitting next to us chatting in Polish. Then they turned to us and started speaking. I finally said, “Oh, are you talking to us?” and I figured out she said that she thought I was polish and spoke Polish. I said I am polish but don’t speak it. Shortly before that, I was telling my friend about how this is often the case when I go there. She remarked that she does not normally think of someone as looking polish. All I can say to that is, look at me!

DO check out the European Cafe in New Britain! I also stopped at Kasia’s Bakery (one of my favorites!) and got a loaf of delicious rye bread. I love it!