Monthly Archives: October 2005


I was intrigued after seeing an interview with Viggo Mortensen on the Daily Show, so I went to see A History of Violence. As you might have guessed from the title, it is very violent. I’m generally not a big violence fan in flics, but I started to think about it afterward why I wanted to see this film, which i knew would be violent. I think what it is is that I have that same perverted intrigue, as most of my fellow humans do, with violence. When a film is about violence, a comment on violence even, I am drawn to it. But when it is not really about the violence and the violence is merely gratuitous and for pure entertainment, I’m generally tuned off. For example, I liked “The Bourne Identity”, but I thought it did not need to be that violent. Then again, I like a good Jackie Chan flic. Okay — I’m really tired, and cannot make a good argument about violence right now. What are your thoughts?


Becoming Connecticutian

For those of you needing reminding, the pronunciation of Connecticutian rhymes with execution.

In an effort to learn more about my new hometown, I have subscribed to the local newspaper, the West Hartford News. I am also trying to learn more about the candidates running for local election. If anyone has any good info, let me know. I see all these signs for Beth Bye, so I did a little search. She is running for School Board re-election as vice-chair. I was searching for the dirt, the skinny on how she might be corrupt or otherwise evil, and frankly, she looks highly qualified and squeaky clean. I know so little about local elections. i toyed with running for School Board in the future, but after seeing that truly qualified people are on the board, it makes me feel better that they are. when I say truly qualified — well, I probably am, too, but my only area of expertise is in high school education, so that doesn’t say a whole lot for the rest of the system. But I suppose with a whole board, we can cover the spectrum. Then again, the political life is probably not for me. I’d probably cry if I lost. I’ll just be a chronic voter instead. Maybe even a letter to the editor writer. Maybe.

I’ve looked at the West Hartford News before, and what freaks me out about it the most is the POlice Blotter. The ware River News had it, too, and it just seems so voyeuristic. I spoke to a colleague about it, and she said it is a great crime deterrent, but I have to say, that seems so puritanical. I’m sure I will eagerly read it, because it is filled with gems like the guy to threatened to castrate the ice cream truck driver with garden shears because the music was so annoying. Did I really need to know that? No, but I got a chuckle. Unfortunately, there’s some ice cream truck guy who has been humiliated for life. i guess the press has an ugly job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Wedding Update

While we are still not 100% sure, it looks like the wedding will be in Bar Harbor. We will be going up for a visit in a few weeks to scope everything out with the discriminating eye.


I was saddened by an email a student sent me Monday AM about August Wilson’s death. Frankly, I did not know he’d been ill (not that we were close or anything). Sujal and I saw his last play at Yale Rep, Radio Golf. We liked it — or at the very least, it sparked quite a conversation between us about the play. I have really liked his work for a while now. One of the great things about American culture is that we do have some damn good playwrights. Kirsten and I saw “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” a few years ago in NYC. It starred Whoopie Goldberg and Charles S. Dutton, and it was a great performance. I teach 2 of his plays — one to freshmen and one to juniors. America will miss him.