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Simon’s Cat

I don’t recall how I stumbled upon this, but I love this little series of animated “films” called Simon’s Cat. Click on “films.” They’re great for cat people — accurate and funny — and he really nails cat mannerisms.
"TV Dinner"


Finally, the Recognition it Deserves

This was fun to see in the New York Times. I’ve been a fan (oh, guilty pleasure) of I Can Has Cheesburger for a long time.

Friday Catblogging

Okay — so I haven’t done this in awhile, but here goes:


Here is a lovely close-up of Cliche.

And then here is Tillie curled up on my purple blanket:


Wednesday Catblogging Part II

Little Cliche is in the kitty hospital right now. She’s sick — has urinary stones and potentially has an infection. We are a bit worried about her, so I figured I should post another picture of the kitties — because that cures ’em, right?Here’s Cliche in her morning pose — looking out the bedroom window, checking out the ‘hood.


As I was grading papers this evening, and Tillie looked so cute this lying on the radiator. She likes to lie on hot radiators, and I got the whole warmth factor — but these are hot! I’m not sure how her little kitteny toes can handle it. But they seem to hold up.


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Wednesday Catblogging

I realize it has been awhile. And it’s not Friday. But here goes:Here is a picture of Cliche by her favorite piece of furniture in the house — the cat fountain. Does that count as furniture?


Then we have a picture of Tillie by her favorite piece of furniture (well, perhaps not her favorite) — one of our new dining room chairs:


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Friday Catblogging on Saturday

So I tried to get these photos out yesterday, but I was having some technical difficulties… First a shot of the two cats from above, an aerial shot, if you will:


Then here is an angled profile of Tillie. I just love the Tillie close-ups:


Oddly enough, As I flipped through some channels today, I Love Lucy was on, and in this episode, there was someone named Tillie — and the punchline of the joke was that Tillie was a spaniel. Apparently Tillie does make a great pet name through the ages.

Finally, here is a great shot of little Cliche, another quasi-aerial shot:


I Wish I Didn’t Find This So Amusing…

…but I do. When it’s late, and I’m too tired to read anymore, sometimes I go to the website I Can Has Cheezburger?. It’s a site that uses LOLcats, which are pictures of cats with goofy captions. The I Can Has Cheezburger? use of less-than-standard English comes from an old cartoon that ran from 1913-1944 called Krazy Kat.

Goofy as the LOLcats are — they are a simple stress reliever after a long day. Enjoy their silliness!

Thursday Evening Cat Blogging

School has begun, and the pace has quickened. The cats are hungry, because I don’t get home till late. Poor kitties. It does not stop Tillie from whapping me in the face in the morning, claws ever so slightly extended. “Feed me, damnit!” she says with those claws. “Feed me.”

This is the Tillie I miss from the summer, as we would both curl up on the couch to read some Mukherjee — well, Tillie didn’t read much.


And here is a picture of Cliche that you have to love. I believe she is about to take a drink — she loves that fountain, most spoiled cat in the world — because she has that little pink tongue extended. Truth be told, it’s not uncommon to see her sitting with her tongue sticking out a little, which frankly makes her look dopey. But we love our dopey kitty.


Saturday Catblogging

This is a special edition of Catblogging for Nisha.  I decided today I’d showcase our cats’ hunting prowess. The best measure is when we give them fuzzy toy mice:



Those little girls. They love their toy mice. Invariably, they play with them, a-hem, I mean they hunt them for awhile. Then suddenly the mice seem to go into hiding. For Tillie, the mouse has wondered under that famed “Lost Mouse China Cabinet,” where, were one to move the cabinet, scads of frightened, hiding toy mice would be trying to evade our cats. Cliche’s mouse seems to have gone behind the couch, also not uncommon.



Tuesday Catblogging — I’ve missed a few Fridays

Since I have missed a few Fridays, I figure I better got some catblogging done on a Tuesday. They have new favorite sleeping spots. Tillie has become partial to a kitchen table chair, especially when my fleece is on it:


Cliche has become partial to the top of the refrigerator: