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My Sujal — oh so famous!

Sujal and I both get “hits” on our site from girls (I presume they are young) who are in love with Sujal. Luckily (hopefully), it’s not my Sujal that are in love with. There is this Indian soap opera called Kahin To Hoga with a popular character named Sujal. Here’s a YouTube link to the first meeting of Sujal and his love, Kashish. I have to say it is almost identical to mine and Sujal’s first meeting. The consumation scene may be my favorite, though it is nowheres near as explicit as the name implies. Here are many great Sujal and Kashish videos. I do have to say, hands down, my Sujal is the far better looking of the two. Compare for yourself. Enjoy!


Ahn Trio

I just wanted to do a quick post to say that the Ahn Trio came to K-O recently. They were really good! They play this wonderful variety of music, exclusively contemporary music, I believe. Some of it is the fusion of jazz and classical (western art music).

The other asset they have is that they are three hot, young babes. They make classical music MTV-ishly hip, yet they’re good. Check them out. The kids loved them.

Park Road Parade

Last Saturday I went to thePark Road Parade in West Hartford. I try to do some activities here and there that are community oriented. I loved being there. Historically, I am not a fan of parades.

Here’s the thing: I was scared of the fire truck sirens as a child. Ergo, I don’t like parades. But this parade had no loud sirens. The West Hartford Fire Department was indeed there but sans sirens. It was my dream come true.

Okay, so as an adult, I’ve always thought parades we too schmaltzy or tacky. I guess in reality, they are meant to be. What I loved about this one was the crowd. I stood near this group of people — a married couple and a father with his daughter and dog. The dg was a golden retriever puppy. If I ever got a dog — I think it might be a golden retriever or perhaps an italian greyhound, because they are so adorable. I love dogs, alomost as much as cats, but what I really love is petting dogs on the street rather than owning them. But I digress.

So this “family” — the married couple, father, daughter, and dog — were really funny. They were the smartass type, poking fun at some people in the parade. And there were some people that were pretty funny. There were several parade members that were just some random schmoes advertising for their business. Part of the Park Road Parade is for Park Rd businesses to have floats. But these people we like from Bristol, and they would just drive in a car with a sign attached saying “Creative Innovations” or some such random business. Don’t get me wrong. Small business is a necessary part of our economy. Each of my parents is a small business owner, competitors, in fact, but they don’t go out to the West Hartford parade.

One of the guys kept trying to scare the daughter by pointing out the lone clowns that were in the parade, saying that it’s okay if a bunch of clowns get out of a car, but a clown by itself is usually one of those scary murderous ones. The girl was probably about middle school age, old enough to hold her own. Basically, these people had me laughing through almost the entire parade. I can’t say they had the kindest sense of humor, but that had the kind of sense of humor that I grew up on, and the kind I still treasure.

Then the highlight came. Scott Neilson walked Ernest and Lilly in the Pug portion of the parade. Ernest and Lily are pugs, hence being part of the pug parade. When Scott saw me, he left the parade to chit chat with me, and immediately about 25 kids surrounded Ernest and Lily. I’ll have to get some pics of them on my blog.

The other really cool part was that four K-O students were marching with the Citizens for Peace and Justice. As I watched the parade, I thought it was a bit sad that we didn’t have K-O representation. We don’t have a marching band like the other area schools, but it would be nice to get some involvement.

Many politicians were also out campaigning, and I saw Beth Bye out there. She didn’t seem to be campaigning, but more attending and being part of the day. She is a mother, afterall. It was nice to see her enjoying the day, as I’m sure campaigning is pretty exhausting. I missed Jodi Rell, and frankly (sadly?) I don’t know what she looks like. This is the problem of getting one’s news on the radio. I’ll never forget seeing Tony Blair for the first time after listening to him on the radio. I was picturing some very handsome British dude. Let’s just say he had not lived up the my mental image.

All in all, it was a fun time, and I look forward to next year’s parade. Perhaps I am a reformed parade poo-poo-er.

Joining the Capitalist Ranks

I have such a large international readership, that I have finally decided to abandon my socialist leanings and dive whole-heartedly into the capitalist regime by placing ads on my site. Now all I have to do is sit back and let the checks roll in. I think it’s time I resign from my job, because I think having two incomes might get a bit overwhelming.

Sujal, by the way, is not quite as optimistic about my capitalist venture as I am. I just say he’s a commie.

Vote for Beth Bye!

Yippee! She has a website: Beth Bye for state rep.

Praying Mantis

As my mother and I sat on my porch this morning, sipping coffee and chatting, we saw two Praying Mantis, one clinging to the outside of the window screen and the other hiding behind some tools — Cliche (the cat) found that one. I was watching the one clinging to the screen, and I think it was dying. During our conversation, it began to sag. Slowly, it’s body began turning brown. Autumn is such a wonderfully delicious season, but it’s also a reminder of death, especially the metaphoric death, that paves the way for rebirth. While it made me a little sad to see the Mantis dying, I remember that the sweet smell of fall leaves, the dying plants and insects are all necessary in the life cycle, so I take a moment to thank that mantis.

Lost Season 3 — on Wednesday!!

It’s safe to say Sujal and I are excited, especially now that we have the HD TV, which I still want to chuck out the window. I’m looking forward to seeing it play out, but I have to say, I have some low expectations. I’m not thrilled that we’ll be shifting away from the characters I have come to love, but then again, there have been shifts I anticipated hating previously. My main concern is the lack of finality to the story. I like it’s intricate plot. I like its character development, but I am also a huge fan of the novel — where there’s a trajectory, and aim, an endpoint that pulls the text (show) together. For example — the “monster” machine-thingy — are they just going to let that drop? It seems to have all but faded. But you can bet your sweet bippy that Sujal and I have a date on the sofa Wednesday night.

Torch and My Changing Perspective

So since the wedding, Sujal has been indulging in lots of toys. I believe he is thinking the pre-kids-having rush. So he bought the GIGANTIC TV. It’s huge, plasmatic, and high-definition, which basically means it’s no better than any other TV, but it is a lot more expensive. Okay, so I may be overstating it, but as you can tell, I was not thrilled with the idea of the puchase. Nonetheless, we have it. Now we have fancy cable channels, too. Not so thrilled with that, either — and here’s why. It’s a temptation. I watch too much TV as it is. I want to throw it out the window and have us sit by a fire and read aloud to one another. Doesn’t that sound like something newlyweds would do? Doesn’t it?

So now that we have all these fancy entertainment tools, I recently watched the last 3/4 of Torch Song Trilogy on IFC, great channel by the way. I saw the flic in ’89 or early ’90 when I was still in high school. I recall thinking that Harvey Fierstein was an older guy, perhaps even an old man. It was funny to me to watch it now at 33, my perspective having clearly shifted. I was surprised how young he looks in the movie. He was a young, good-looking guy. What I remember about seeing the flic when I was in high school was that I thought it was a bit schmaltzy, a bit too tear-jerker-y, though I liked it for the most part. I’m not a huge fan of tear-jerker dramas, but it actually does not take the cheap emotional shots that I seem to recall from my earlier viewing. Watching it, I can see how it would make a great stage play, though it works well on film, too.

I’d forgotten Matthew Broderick was in it, or perhaps I didn’t know who he was back then. He’s a good actor, and I’d like to see him on stage. One thing that seems “missing” to some degree was mention of AIDS, but then I thought that perhaps Fierstein did not want his story to be about AIDS, to be about disease. Instead he wanted his story to be about the challenge of finding and keeping love. Mention of AIDS would have completely tainted the story. The film does a great job of portraying the universality of the challenge of finding and keeping love. I would not go so far as to say that one could merely drop in characters of different genders, but not only is it easy to identify with the characters, as many good flics aim to do, it’s easy to see similar representations in our daily lives. Nonetheless, I came across this explanation on Wikipedia:

“The combined play runs at roughly four hours in length, so New Line Cinema insisted that Fierstein restrict the film to a two-hour maximum. Despite the copious excisions, the film is also made in three distinct acts: “The International Stud”, “Fugue in a Nursery” and “Widows and Children First!”. The dates given below are the dates from the film; the plays were set two or three years more recently, but New Line Cinema couldn’t understand how a gay film in the mid-1980s could not mention AIDS, so Fierstein moved the film to before the AIDS crisis.”

It’s funny to compare how we react to films as kids vs as adults. I remember feeling very “cutting edge” for watching it as a child. Damn, was I ever cutting edge.

When I was a freshman at Bennington, Harvey Fierstein gave the commencement address. Here is a link to the text, a pretty fabulous speech. I recall sitting outside the graduation tent with some other not-yet-graduating students listening to him speak. I was pretty wowed.

~Yawn~ I Awake from My Slumber

Hoo-boy! Seems marital bliss has left me with nothing to write about. I seem to have no need to blog, what with all the wifely duties. Okay, okay…got home from wedding, got lazy, school started. Now I am back.