Wow, My First Post

Sujal, I have a feeling you are so proud of me for joining the ranks of the blogging world. First thing I’d like to do is explore why I chose to start this blog. I know Sujal gets bummed when I don’t want to post on, but it does not really feel like my space, which is sort of funny when you think about cyberspace. What is space…? oh such a deep, deep question.

Some of my general, not well thought out, goals are to simply have a place to write and then to actually write. Perhaps this blog will be something like a journal space. When I’ve seen other blogs, which are not that many, I like the sort of edginess that seems to be akin to blogging. Perhaps that is because I’ve chosen to read edgier blogs. But Sujal showed me an interesting blog: Pandagon, and I think I got a sort of romantic notion of blogging. The post I read dealt with being a modern day feminist and how to split up the household chores. I can’t saw that this is entirely romantic, yet there’s still a little sparkle for me. Part of me wonders what I will write about on a daily basis, and part of me thinks that it gets easier when there are other things to respond to. Anyway, this is my big start, so wish me well.


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