Diners and Capitols

This morning Sarah and I went to the Olympia Diner in Newington, CT. It’s a great little diner — a greek diner that americans have come to love. It has very diner-ish decor, etched glass between booths, lots of diner green, vinyl seats, etc. The pancakes were good. Ya gotta love diners for breakfast.

Then we went to the Connecticut State Capitol. It is an interesting bulding. I know next to nothing about architecture, except for the fact that I know what I like when I see it. Sarah said it was a real hodge podge — almost a post-modern kind of style, even though it was built in the 19th c. She said it had a mix of classical and medieval styling. It was very colorful inside, lots of beutiful stained glass and “paintings” stenciled onto the walls. I forget you can go watch your gonverment in action, something that might be kind of fun to do some time. We went into the Senate gallery with a tour. The Senate is in session, but they were just milling aorunfd when we were there. Then we went to the House gallery, and the house is not in session, so it was like a quiet little sanctuary. I could have happily read a book or taken a nap in there. That is wghat government is all about, isn’t it?


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