Tin House Workshop Update

The conference continues to go well. I mentioned before meeting all sorts of interesting writers who are fellow participants, but the presenters/teachers have been great. I have enjoyed working with Matthea Harvey, my workshop facilitator. She has been leading us to view each others’ work from a variety of perspectives, which has been great and refreshing.

There also have been nightly readings by some talented authors, and I love that I’m getting to hear people read that i might not have encountered easily in my daily life of teaching kids the “classics”. Some of the hihglights have been: Aimee Bender who writes fiction, Nick Flynn who writes memoir and poetry, Dorothy Allison, Chris Offutt, Francine Prose, Kevin Canty and so many more.

I recommend checking these authors out. I began reading Flynn’s Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, and I recommend it.


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