‘Twas a Lovely Night for Some

Last night Sarah called me shortly after the rain began to ask me if I wanted to come over to her apt. for a little hang out session with her and her kitty. She had to wait until after it started raining, so I would have to cross the treacherous sreet in the rain of biblical proportions. (I love hyperbole.) The puddles I splashed in on my way over were very warm, bath water one might say. Just before I left to go to her apartment, I sat on my porch eating some yummy ice cream, watching the rain and the lightning, lightning that was obviously very closeby. The sound came with the flashes.

About 45 minutes later, we went out for dinner, and when we came home, the rain had stopped. Traffic lights had gone to a default blinker, and surprisingly, Connecticutians were driving in a fairly sane manner unlike their usual driving habits. Sujal was watching TV when Sarah and I came in, deciding it was a perfect night to sit on the porch and enjoy a cocktail. I was pulling out the gin and vodka when the lights went out. Who knew how long they’d be out. We light a candle, and the three of us sat on the porch enjoying the quiet — no air conditioners, no TV’s, no electronic hum of any kind. Around 10 or so, our neighbor turned on his generator, now the only sound of electrical humming, yet even so, it was a pleasant sort of white noise. The night was like being in a 98.6 degree womb, if only my mother would let me back in!


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