Way Too Long

So it has been way too long since my last post. I’d been away for awhile, and actually I began posting, but got caught up in trying to find cool links for: Demolition Derby. So I had been away for a bit, with the culminating event of my “travels” being the Erie County Fair Demolition Derby. It is a cultural event like no other! My parents used to take me as a small child, and as a four year old, well I was scared shitless of the noise, the fires, and the smells. But as an adult, woo-hoo — it’s the rockin’est. I went to one at the Noho Tr-County fair a few years ago with some grad school friends, and we had such a blast drinking Icehouse beer and rooted for our favorite hunks of junk. So when i was going to Buffalo to visit my mom, I suggested we go to the Erie County Fair one, and she jumped on it. There is nothing in the world like watching a bunch of cars smash into each other on purpose. Mind you, I do not rubberneck when I pass accident scenes. I’m generally not a proponent of violence, though clearly violence IS the answer. My other had sold her older car the night before we went, and we were sure we’d see it backing up into another car in the ring. Alas, our hope and dreams went unfulfilled. On that same little vacation, I visited family at Long Beach in Wainfleet, Ontario. i looked for good links to that particular Long Beach to no avail. My family has been renting a cottage on Long Beach in Ontario for many years, basically since my maternal grandmother was a little girl. It’s a very special place to the people who go there, who apparently are not that internet savvy. You’ll have to trek on over there for yourself if you want to see it. The sunsets in August are amazing! I’ve heard they are even better in October.


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