Wedding Venue Help

We need it!

We are still trying to figure out WHERE to get married. I’ll give y’all a few links to some places and please vote on favorites and/or make suggestions. Just to give you a bit of background, this is optimally what we’d like:
1) a place where 125 of our closest family and friends can realistically gather and celebrate
2) a destination wedding “feel” — so a weekend event with lots of opportunity for hanging out, mingling, etc. We want our families and friends to have an opportunity to get to know each other. We might even want to have organized carriage rides, kayak tours, softball games, hikes, etc.
3) we strongly prefer a Saturday night wedding
4) we want to get married outside, preferably at the location of the reception, but this is not a necessity
5) we love the idea of a national park
6) a place that is special to us (this makes it VERY difficult)
7) preferably a place that can accommodate us with indian food, but we NEED vegetarian food at the very least
8) a place we love

So here are some links. Please give advice.

Bar Harbor Inn — This place is right on the water. We have only seen the grounds, but it is very nice from the outside. the big drawback is that the reception would have to take place mid-day. We like the idea of Acadia National Park, though it is a far drive — 11 hrs from Philadelphia and 13 hrs from Buffalo.

Jordan Pond House — This is actually IN Acadia National Park. We’re just not sure how likely it is that they can accommodate with with indian food. If we did it here, we’d probably have our ceremony in the park, perhaps even by Jordan Pond.

Asticou Inn — We’re not sure if this place is really ON the waterfront. It’s another place on Mount Desert Island near Acadia national Park.

The Belhurst Castle — This place is in the Finger Lakes in NY. It’s very beautiful, though it is no national park. The big drawback here is their Saturdays are booked, so we’d have to do a Sunday wedding.

White Hart Inn — a somewhat generic place we have not yet really checked out in CT

Red Lion Inn — This is a place Amy suggested in the Berkshires. We have not checked it out.

The White House Inn — This is a lovely Inn in southern VT along route 9.

Wake Robin Inn — This place looks nice — but I just found it on the web. It’s along the Housatonic River. Sujal and I camped by the Housatonic last year.

The Interlaken — I’d looked at this place online before and just never followed up. Seems like a possibility.

Okay, so that’s what i have for now. Vote away and/or make other suggestions.


5 thoughts on “Wedding Venue Help

  1. dmr says:

    Any wonderful parks in the Mystic/CT waterfront region? Just a thought.

  2. heidi says:

    There are some state parks, and we should look into them. Thanks for the thought.

  3. Josh says:

    maybe also newport, RI or Providence, too?

  4. Karen says:

    I really love going to Ithaca, which is also off one of the finger lakes. I think the area there is beautiful, and if you can get a place that overlooks the water it would be great. The water is perfect for water skiing (my newest craze), which is a really fun thing to do with lots of people. There is my vote 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    I know some places near Ithaca. The area around Taughannock is very nice (foresty with streams): and I know there is an inn which hosts weddings: though it might be pricy (I don’t know).

    The Adirondacks are also nice, and all state park (not national).

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