I was intrigued after seeing an interview with Viggo Mortensen on the Daily Show, so I went to see A History of Violence. As you might have guessed from the title, it is very violent. I’m generally not a big violence fan in flics, but I started to think about it afterward why I wanted to see this film, which i knew would be violent. I think what it is is that I have that same perverted intrigue, as most of my fellow humans do, with violence. When a film is about violence, a comment on violence even, I am drawn to it. But when it is not really about the violence and the violence is merely gratuitous and for pure entertainment, I’m generally tuned off. For example, I liked “The Bourne Identity”, but I thought it did not need to be that violent. Then again, I like a good Jackie Chan flic. Okay — I’m really tired, and cannot make a good argument about violence right now. What are your thoughts?


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