So I realize I am late in the game, but I’ve been feeling under the weather. I wanted to write this last night but just didn’t have the energy. We watched the presidential address from the Oval Office last night, and while we’ve known for a long time that GWB has some issues with elocution, it just became more and more clear to me how uncomfortable he is in front of a camera. Sujal and I talked about how he clearly just put this together with not a lot of rehearsal time, and a good president should be able to speak to his or her country. He looked scared. He looked scared of us. He reminded me of someone you catch doing something wrong. In essence, that’s what last night’s speech was about, but it seems he is not comfortable with looking the nation in the eye.

The AP and the New York Times have articles reporting on Bush defending his legal authority to “spy.” As we were watching this address, and again, it was so obvious that he was squirming through it, I began to think, What is Bush pulled a Richard Nixon — a Watergate Scandal? Would the American public still back him? Where do we draw the line for breaking the law?


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