My Lag and Romney’s Assininity

I know, I haven’t posted in a bit. My life had become insanely hectic (and I swear I have a few hour reprieve right now) with grading, comment writing, and doing end of semester work. Plus Sujal and I wee doing a wedding planning marathon, though it seems like we have accomplished little. I did lots of good work doing my grades and comments, and I am happy with the effort I put in. Alas, now I have one of those nasty teacher colds.

And to think about what nasty Mitt Romney said about us at an MLK Day tribute breakfast:

“Sad to say that the teachers union and their supporters will fight these answers [how to solve problems with the achievement gap between white and minority students] with every tool they have…They will distort and deprive, they will torture and twist, but don’t forget, to them, it’s first about compensation and jobs. To you, it’s about kids and their future.”

I heard that on WFCR on my way to work (and to get coffee) on Tuesday morning. It made me so angry. I taught in that state for five years, and it pains me that I quasi-served under him in some capacity. No one ever questions doctors’ concern over compensation and jobs. And then to be most timely, as I told a class of mine that I once managed a record store at the Mall of America, yes our nation’s largest mall and some of my darkest days, they siad they thought managing a record store must have been cool. They asked why I quit to take a job as a secretary, and I said the pay was bad, one student aptly questioned, “Then why did you become a teacher?” after which he quickly apologized. I was hardly offended (by the truth), and it just further illustrated how OFF Romney is. NO ONE TEACHES FOR THE MONEY!!! I am not saying we teachers are paupers necessarily, though some are, but we are not paid handsomely. Fact. And boy is it a fact in Massachusetts.


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