Beth Bye, part II

I almost forgot, when Sujal told me that he saw the Beth Bye was running for state rep, he said she’s running against Bob Farr. Beth, if you’re reading, i have some advice. Shortly before the election, Farr rang our doorbell. As I ran down the stairs and opened the door, he was already walking away, but he turned around and hastily handed a pad of paper with is name printed on the sheets and quickly turned and ran away, adding, “I’m running for re-election. Thought you might like some paper.” I swear, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as afraid of me before. Granted I am an imposing short, still somewhat thin woman. I do inspire fear in the hearts of door-to-doot campaigners. So Beth, my advice to you is don’t be afraid of your constituents. We’re not out to scare you.


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