Kinda Cool

I was listening to NPR this morning, and it sounded like they were downplaying the Mayday march, like it didn’t have a huge impact. I wondered what kind of an impact it had. I hadn’t seen any of its effects, but then again, I am a teacher, so I don’t work in commerce. Then Sujal and I went to Trader Joe’s tonight. We were shocked when we saw that they had next to no flowers for sale, where they usually have massive amounts for sale. Then we saw that the cheese seemed pretty picked over as did some of the produce. As we turned into an aisle — HOLY CRAP — there was so little produce we wondered if we were in the right place. There was slim pickins’ for bread, meat, etc. We finally asked someone what was going on. They hadn’t received a shipment since Sunday morning, and they get two shipments per day. Wow!

I was worried that i might be getting a bit too privileged here in safe CT. Thank goodness, I felt the effects of the march. Solidarity!


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