Day 2 in Dublin

We had a very good day. Can I say it began last night? No, I guess not, but I’ll tell you about last night. The accommodations are, well, if anyone knows the accommodations at Long Beach, Long Beach cottages 18 and 19 have a few more stars. We’re staying at the University College Dublin in the dorms. There is a little grocery store on campus, and they have quite a nice size selection for being convenience store-esque, but the produce was mainly rotten. Nonetheless, we bought potatoes (which Jeff said were picked long before the potato famine), sad iceberg lettuce, semi-sad red peppers, bread, lunchmeat, cheese, and baguettes. We had not cooking utensils (pot/pan), so we made do. ‘Twas a lovely dinner all told. It was like we were one big family. One student, Caroline, remarked, “This evening makes me feel better. We’re more like a family” — or something along those lines. Jeff and I later enjoyed tea and digestives. Yum! MOST of us went to bed early, by 9.

This morning I was awoken by knocks at the apartment door. See, the 15 of us are staying in 4 different apartments. Each apartment has 4 single bedrooms. So beginning at 5AM, knocking begins. Thinking it might be one of the kids, I got the door, and it was some bloke looking for his friend. Ugh, no. I happily went back to sleep. at 6:30, another knock woke me. Same thing. It was a girl looking for a friend. By this time, I was wide awake, so i got up and went for a stroll around and outside campus. It’s out in the ‘burbs, so it feels kind of desolate around campus. I came back and began to get breakfast ready. The kids came in for breakfast, and Jeff led us in some writing exercises, which was fun. We shared pieces, and it was a delicious way to start the day. Soon we piled on the double decker bus (we almost always sit on top), an headed to the Dublin Writers Museum. I really wanted to go, because there was a one man “play” about the writers. I have to say, I was disappointed. it wasn’t bad, but it reminded me of what I used to do at the Edgar Allan Poe house, sans the “voices” he did. The museum was very small, and they said they were going to give us a tour, but it was one of those pre-recorded audio tours. It was a let down.

Then I had lunch with Hannah, Molly, and Caroline. We just went to a sandwich shop, but then we stumbled into the Temple Bar district (Bar was a Viking word for street — so no, I did not take my kids into a tavern), which was this really cool little area. yes, it was littered with tourists, but it was fun. there were tons of little restaurants, shops, cafes, etc. Then, after having lectured the kids on being places ON TIME, we realized we were going to be late, so we booked it back to the meeting spot. Caroline said I could blame it on her. Instead, I decided to teach her something useful — the ol’ set your watch back to the time you should have been there routine. Her parents will LOVE me.

We decided more “wandering” time was in order, because it was uncharacteristically sunny weather. I called Sujal, went into a fancy shop, and then ran into some kids back in the Temple Bar District. We went to an outdoor cafe and shot the breeze. it was a lovely afternoon. Once again, after having lectured the kids in the AM, we we ran late getting back to campus. We had a fun busride back, complete with taking lots of pictures. When we got back to Campus, Brendan and Collin made dinner — and they bought a pot, so we had spaghetti, except they bought tomato puree instead of sauce. After giving them a lot of sh*t for it, we went and got sauce.

Oh — how could I forget! As we were heading to the bus stop, when many of the kids were late, hence he lecture, Jeff and I saw the boys coming. Collin told us there was “some guy” in Jeff’s room. Jeff and Alex promptly ran off to investigate. While they were gone, I delivered my fabled hypocritical lecture. When Jeff and Alex were coming back, the # 10 bus was pulling up, and they started running to the stop. I began as a light jog, but soon Jeff was booking. They kids were beside themselves laughing, and then Alex pulled ahead. It was a beautiful moment of father-son (hee-hee) bonding.

So here was the story. The “some guy” was Jimmy. When they went in the apt, they heard the shower running, so Jeff knocked and asked who was in there. Of course the response of “Jimmy” came back to Jeff. Soon Jimmy came out of the shower in a towel, and Jeff tried to explain that the room Jimmy was staying in was already taken by one of our students. Jeff went to complain, and basically, the Jimmy problem is still unresolved. Needless to say, there have been many Jimmy Jokes.

More soon, as the adventures unfold.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 in Dublin

  1. KDawg says:

    Excellent updates… I love comparing your stories to Jeff’s! Jimmy sounds entertaining, I miss the opportunity to spend time with Caroline, Molly and Hannah.. as well as Josh Gross, Sam Hurt, Collin and the zillions others I don’t really know. Not to mention you. Anyway, I’ll keep reading. I start tutoring the little urchin tomorrow. ENJOY!

  2. Heidi says:

    Good luck with the tutoring. An update will come soon.

  3. Jishman says:

    Hope you have a great time!! I loved it over there and can’t wait to go back!

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