Double Feature

As I mention below, Sujal and I went to see a double feature today — sort of our own lefty double feature: An Inconvenient Truth and A Prairie Home Companion. PHC was decent, though I was a bit baffled about why they tried to even provide the plot they did. we chuckled a lot during the film, just as we do when we listen to the show. Again, it was decent, but I think life will go on if you do not see it.

Meryl Streep is great as is Lily Tomlin (and even Lindsay Lohan). Streep and Tomlin nail the Minnesotan zeitgeist.


2 thoughts on “Double Feature

  1. Rick says:

    You know you’d think that me living in the area the Pprarie Home Companion originates from,and is based off. I would have seen the movie allready. But it has’nt even come to the theater in the small town I live in. Hopefully they do a better job of capturing Minnesota then Fargo did. A lot of people who’ve seen Fargo think we actually talk that way.

  2. heidi says:

    Truth be told, Streep and Tomlin parody the Minnesotan way of life, as does Garrison Keillor on his weekly radio show. I thought Fargo also captured it well, again as a parody. To the outsider, Minnesotans have this distinct sense about them. I’ll never forget my first job interview in Minneapolis where the board interviewing me asked me if I knew what Minnesota Nice was. I didn’t. Their explanation: “Oh, Minnesotans are nice people.” Thanks for visiting, Rick.

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