So I’m getting my fix of the daily show (I’ve had a really crappy morning — my car has a coolant leak, so I had to call AAA to tow it to the dealer to be fixed $$$, and then we have this bully cat — we call her Growly — in our neighborhood. Tillie always has through the window fights with her on the porch. She’s a fierce defender of her territory. So I heard the window fight and went out to chase Growly away, and Tillie attached my leg, breaking skin in about 15-20 places. Dark blood began running down my leg, and it still hurts — poor Heidi — so I needed my Daily Show fix), and I see Jon Stewart shows a clip from MSNBC with the headline “IS JON STEWART A DANGER?” Only, Jon Stewart doesn’t play what they’re saying on the clip, so I did a little search to find it on Alternet. I can see he didn’t play the sound, because it was pretty silly, but you should watch the video. It keeps showing these pictures of Stewart over and over — and I think they’re trying to make him look ominous, but it’s pretty silly. Anyway, clearly he’s striking a nerve. And it is laughable to me that the host is flabbergasted that 18-34 yr olds feel they can’t trust the media. I call that an education.


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