My Sujal — oh so famous!

Sujal and I both get “hits” on our site from girls (I presume they are young) who are in love with Sujal. Luckily (hopefully), it’s not my Sujal that are in love with. There is this Indian soap opera called Kahin To Hoga with a popular character named Sujal. Here’s a YouTube link to the first meeting of Sujal and his love, Kashish. I have to say it is almost identical to mine and Sujal’s first meeting. The consumation scene may be my favorite, though it is nowheres near as explicit as the name implies. Here are many great Sujal and Kashish videos. I do have to say, hands down, my Sujal is the far better looking of the two. Compare for yourself. Enjoy!


One thought on “My Sujal — oh so famous!

  1. […] My posts about Lost and Naveen Andrews have been the main sources of my international readership, as I like to brag to my husband. My posts about the indian soap opera “Kahin to Hoga” also increased my international hits. I’m up to about 25 hits per day — more if we are on the brink of a snow day. […]

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