Snow Day!

Everyone loves a snow day — well maybe we could find a few people who don’t, but most people do. I called my mom to tell her I had a snow day and reminded her that it was one of the perks of being a teacher — hell, it’s also one of the perks of being a schoolchild, too.

One of the best parts of snow-daydom is Chris Kasprak’s The Snow-Day Predictor. It is very fun to check his blog when you hope to have a snow day. Since I linked to it when he first got it running, my own rate of site hits has gone up. I love to brag to my husband about my international readership, but now I have a local readership as well. Okay, truth be told, they are mainly just “hits” — and not even that many, but I like to pretend. I’m obviously not much of a real blogger, but it’s kid of fun to track from where people “hit” my site.

My posts about Lost and Naveen Andrews have been the main sources of my international readership, as I like to brag to my husband. My posts about the indian soap opera “Kahin to Hoga” also increased my international hits. I’m up to about 25 hits per day — more if we are on the brink of a snow day.

My snow day has been mainly devoted to getting through a pile of grading and a pile of sleet. I went outside to shovel, and it was like shoveling sand — very weird. I am happy to say I’ve had more luck with the pile of grading.

To any students stopping over on their way to Kasprak’s site — remember to wear your PJ’s inside out. Have a great snow day.


One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. Debbie says:

    I too am a teacher. When I have a snowday I prefer to find a friend who can skip a day of work and bring the chilren skiing. Granted it takes a bit to ge to the mountain in a storm, but you have the mountain to yourself with fresh powder! Definitely worth driving 2 hours to go 60 miles.

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