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Kathy, my co-worker and personal goddess, asked if I’d blog about my weekend events — so I cannot let her down. I served on an alumni panel at Bennington this weekend. it was an event held for current seniors so they could learn about networking, grantwriting, job-getting, life-making, etc. Jon, Kathy’s partner, asked me before I went if that meant that I was among Bennington’s distinguished alumni, and of course the answer is obviosly, “Yes!” Okay, so maybe my life is not insanely glamorous, but it was fun to talk about hardships after graduation, perseverence, and following one’s passions. There’s a real difference graduating from a place like Bennington — more or less an arts school–than graduating frm most other schools. We don’t have hiring firms come in, no crazy job fairs, etc. Bennington really does urge its students to make the world their own.

Part of what was so fun was to hear what some of my fellow Alumni were doing. In a quick web search, I could find a site on Seth DeCroce ’98 and a Google search on Taliesin Thomas ’98 shows lots of her fame on the web. Having a less that common name helps a lot on the web. I could not easily find a site for Matt Moss ’94 or Brandi Wilson ’99 — but both are working in interesting fields. Matt is working in developing real estate and Brandi is a creatve headhunter. There was also another guy, Chris, and I don’t remember his last name (Tilden, maybe?) — but now I cannot find his info from the planning emails from the college. (Sorry!)

It’s always interestng to see classmates as adults. We all have our lives that we are deeply immersed in, and it’s nice to come up for air. I also love talking to current students. It’s great to see the passionate on the verge of going out into the world. I had drinks with two seniors, Jessie and Brian. They are each clearly brilliant minds, and they’ve been doing impressive work. I love working with high school kids — but it’s also great to see kids at this next level. Brian, for example, is working on gender studies and goes to comp lit conferences. He was telling me about some of his impressive projects, and yet — he still loves the movie “Team America.” I, of course, think there’s something serious wrong with him for that — and yet, it’s the kid at heart (and proximity in age). Good luck, Bennington seniors!


3 thoughts on “Back to Bennington

  1. Jeremy says:

    It was hard finding a place to leave this on your really cool blog…and I lost your email from when Krista was in the hospital.

    Congrats on getting married. I hope that he’s great and treats you well.

    If you didn’t know Katrina and I got married in October of 05.

    Hope this finds you well..

  2. heidi says:

    Gem! How are you?! Congrats on your wedding! As you can see, things are well with me. My husband is great, as if I’d marry anyone but a great person. Katrina is a real catch, too. Krista now lives in my neck of the woods, but I haven’t seen her sice she moved out here. (Shame on me.) Let’s chat soon.


  3. Jeremy says:

    You should ahve seen the craziness as Krista was leaving. You would have been laughing….We talk a few times a month and she seems better…

    Katrina is great and getting married was the best decision we could have made. We got married on our ten year anniversary.

    Its funny…I thought about you because I remember walking to lake Perran with you to go swimming at the end of some school year. I was thinking about the train tracks and how much I enjoyed that moment in time.

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