I saw the New York Times headline, Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Abortion Procedure, and I thought to myself, What a grim day. It has been a series of grim days — the rain, shooting tragedies, long hours at school, husband in LA — it’s been grim. So I began to read the article, and I began to think that I may not agree with this procedure. Yes, I, the abortion rights believer, began to doubt. Perhaps it is because I am in my 30’s and beginning to think about having a family. Then I realized — I wouldn’t have this procedure, but I believe others should have the right to choose. That’s what this all comes down to — the right to choose. It has been a grim week.


One thought on “Hmmmmmmm…

  1. Jishman says:

    Unfortunately, it is just yet another example of how this government chips away at the edges of what ought to be fundamental rights of choice in this country. Regardless of where people are on the debate, no one should get to decide what other people do with their bodies.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know that there is a party out there that will stand up and fight it. I didn’t hear a word out of the Democrats on this issue, so I guess we can’t count on the “party of choice.” (No, I’m not bitter.)

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