New Chair

Faithful reader, I am sure that you have been deeply disappointed by my absence, so I feel it is my duty to explain why I have not blogged in quite awhile.

My chair sucks.

That, and school has been keeping me a bit busy. As I was in the thick of writing 50 million comments, I stole my husband’s office chair, brought it into my office, and wrote comments in comfort.

And then Sujal and I went out to Office Depot and got me a new chair. While I really wanted this, my husband poo-poo’d it. So fear no longer, faithful reader. I am back. And my husband renewed by domain name registration for five years. Now that’s a lot of blogging.


3 thoughts on “New Chair

  1. greengo says:

    It’s all about the shopping. how did you dispose of your former chair in a way not to extend your carbon footprint?

  2. heidi says:

    It IS all about the shopping. I have not yet disposed of my former chair — but I will either sell it or give it away.

  3. greengo says:

    Try e-bay.

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