My Minneapolis

All this news about the collapsed bridge in Minneapolis makes me sad. I’m certainly saddened by the loss of lives and by the injuries people sustained, and it was a horrifying event. I can’t help but think of the terror people felt.

I’ve been trying to figure out which bridge it was, because I used to walk around Minneapolis. I used to enjoy crossing the bridges over the Mississippi. While I would not have been walking across I-35, I must have walked across the neighboring bridge a number of times. Here is a map of where I used to live with a route to the bridge. I was trying to figure out if this was a bridge (the neighboring bridge, that is) I used to go over on a favorite bike ride. Without really being there, it’s hard to tell.

Then I remembered Nicollet Island and the Nicollet Island Inn. I used to ride by it on that bike ride. I’d been wanting to eat there for a very long time, and I finally went one Easter. It was lovely. I also loved the “industrial” waterfront — the grain elevators, the Pillsbury factory. I would not mind going back. I miss Minneapolis in a nostalgic way.

On a closer look at the map, I know right where the bridge is. There were a few theaters in that area, and it’s right by the university. I have a distinct image of Cedar Ave — and of an Indian restaurant in that area.

I am very sorry for all the pain people are going through because of this tragedy, and I feel compassion for them.


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