Thursday Evening Cat Blogging

School has begun, and the pace has quickened. The cats are hungry, because I don’t get home till late. Poor kitties. It does not stop Tillie from whapping me in the face in the morning, claws ever so slightly extended. “Feed me, damnit!” she says with those claws. “Feed me.”

This is the Tillie I miss from the summer, as we would both curl up on the couch to read some Mukherjee — well, Tillie didn’t read much.


And here is a picture of Cliche that you have to love. I believe she is about to take a drink — she loves that fountain, most spoiled cat in the world — because she has that little pink tongue extended. Truth be told, it’s not uncommon to see her sitting with her tongue sticking out a little, which frankly makes her look dopey. But we love our dopey kitty.



One thought on “Thursday Evening Cat Blogging

  1. Lolcats says:

    Very cute kitties!

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