Friday Catblogging on Saturday

So I tried to get these photos out yesterday, but I was having some technical difficulties… First a shot of the two cats from above, an aerial shot, if you will:


Then here is an angled profile of Tillie. I just love the Tillie close-ups:


Oddly enough, As I flipped through some channels today, I Love Lucy was on, and in this episode, there was someone named Tillie — and the punchline of the joke was that Tillie was a spaniel. Apparently Tillie does make a great pet name through the ages.

Finally, here is a great shot of little Cliche, another quasi-aerial shot:



One thought on “Friday Catblogging on Saturday

  1. Kelly says:

    I absolutely love the photos, especially the ones of Cliche. I have a male cat named Pretty Boy who could be her twin brother! They are beautiful.

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