Wednesday Catblogging Part II

Little Cliche is in the kitty hospital right now. She’s sick — has urinary stones and potentially has an infection. We are a bit worried about her, so I figured I should post another picture of the kitties — because that cures ’em, right?Here’s Cliche in her morning pose — looking out the bedroom window, checking out the ‘hood.


As I was grading papers this evening, and Tillie looked so cute this lying on the radiator. She likes to lie on hot radiators, and I got the whole warmth factor — but these are hot! I’m not sure how her little kitteny toes can handle it. But they seem to hold up.


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One thought on “Wednesday Catblogging Part II

  1. Caelynn says:

    My kitty Roxy (one of my 4) is Tillie’s long lost twin sister, I swear. We’ll have to compare kitty pics when you come up to Bennington next week!

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