Will and Testosterone

In my recent e-conversations with my college friend Lani, now Will, we have talked about the effects of taking testosterone. I knew someone else who transitioned from female to male, and when he began testosterone, he began losing his hair because of male patterned baldness, not something I’d ever though about it. So I mentioned it to Will, which prompted this amazing list on his blog, Self-Made.

It blew me away! We talked about it for a bit, that one experiences the world in a set way, and then suddenly, because of a hormone, one’s perception has changed. Talk about getting a new perspective, or walking a mile in someone else’s shoes! The new expression will be, “Try taking someone else’s hormones.” It’s actually really helpful information to realize just how much hormones affect us.

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One thought on “Will and Testosterone

  1. Angels says:

    “Try taking someone else’s hormones.” – nice phrase. I would never agree for smth like that.

    I’ve heard and read about the influence of hormones on human physical and mental state. So, now I’m almost sure that starting from 12-14 years of age our behavior and most of our life is under control of hormones. Sad, isn’t it?

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