Beauty in the ‘Burbs

I don’t have pictures, but I wanted to post that since we are staying, CT has been more beautiful than ever. As I walked to work on Thursday, it was one of the most beautiful mornings I can remember. All of the grass was encased in layers of frost — not quite ice, but a thin, stiffening glaze over individual blades of green. The sun shone brightly, refracting off of each grass leaf.

When I first came out of the house, I thought is was particularly pronounced on our lawn because we hadn’t cut it, but that wasn’t the case. Each subsequent lawn was expertly outlined in this frosting. As I approached school, I could see each individual blade of grass on the fields. I went into my office for a bit but came outside again soon to run some errands in other buildings on campus. It was a cold morning, yet not painfully cold. But even these twenty minutes later, it was up a few degrees. The rays of the sun began to warm the encrusted grass, and in the otherwise silent school landscape — kids taking exams — it crackled as it warmed. Because of the silence, this array of pops and cracks filled the campus.

I thought about what this may have sounded like before the ‘burbs had arisen, when humans may have lived in simpler ways. It made me miss living at Bennington, living in a rural area. It made me appreciate the beauty that surrounds me, both on these rare occasions and every day.


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