UP in 3D

We went to see UP in 3D last night. First let me respond to the movie.

I liked the movie. One thing that seemed remarkably differnt to me was the fact that it focused on an ederly character, thereby humanizing the elderly for kids. This past semester, I took students out to do community service, and I really like taking kids to nursing homes, because the residents love seeing kids, particularly teens. There seems to be a lot age discrimination in our society, and this is my mini way of bridging that gap. So I liked that it featured an old man. Partly because it was about an old man, it was also about a widower. The film was also greatly about loss. In retrospect, many kids flics are about loss, though usually a dog dies — this is not my own initial observation, but a much spouted observation about kids’ books and movies. Yet the loss in this movie seems differently poignant to me, perhaps because I am married. The loss of a spouse seems unbearable, and the movie portrays that. But then it portrays the loss of little fragments — photos, artifacts, chairs, and ultimately, a house. Yes, of course, it has an uplifting ending, but even the kid in the movie experiences significant loss. It made me sad, and that was a bit unexpected for a Pixar film. I’m not saying sad = bad. It’s just an observation.

Secondly, it was in 3D. Frankly, I don’t care about 3D so much. Sujal wanted to see the 3D version, so we did. Yes, it added a fun dimensions (though I sadly missed most of the Pixar short before the movie), yet there is significant waste with the 3D glasses. When we went to see Coraline, which I don’t really recommend unless you are a child, the Plainville theater had recycle bins for the glasses. At the Palace in Hartford, they had no such thing. We brought ours home, but the likelihood of them getting used again is slight at best.

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