It’s Hot!

Have I mentioned how hot it is here in India? I don’t always know how hot it really is, because the temperature is measured in centigrade here. It is safe to say it can continuously been in the upper 90’s at least. We went up to Amritsar this weekend, and it had to be in the hundred teens. I said to Jon that I feel perpetually wet here in India. I am constantly sweating, sweating amounts of perspiration I did not know I was capable of producing. It has not rained much at all since I have been here, and my sister says the rain cools things down a lot.

The air quality is not the best this time of year. Delhi has some smog issues, and the air in Amritsar is dusty. Today I actually have a sore throat, and I am thinking it is due to the air.

Which then brings me to the point of litter and trash. People have asked me if I think India is a dirty place, to which I firmly respond, no. It isn’t dirty, but there is a very different attitude toward trash than in the US. Because we consume so much in the US, we have had to figure out what to do with our trash. They consume much less (though consumerism is growing) in India, so trash often ends up in the street. When we were in Amritsar, Lesa and I bought a bottle of water. I had a previous bottle and asked if they had a “dustbin” (trash can here in India). The guy said yes and took the bottle. Then he threw it on the ground and said, “There is your dustbin. This is India, not America.” I picked it up, of course, but it just shows a different way of thinking about use.

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