Tea Roses Tea Room

I just had tea at Tea Roses Tea Room in Cromwell, CT, and it was lovely. I think the little guy inside me liked it, too, because he’s currently doing somersaults!

It’s a charming place — lovely place settings, great china, fun variety of teacups. The food was fabulous. It started with delicious heart-shaped scones with cream, lemon curd, and jam — SO GOOD! Then they had tea sandwiches — cucumber, turkey salad, brown bread with fig spread, and humous and red pepper wraps — all in delicate tea sandwich form. Then dessert was wonderful — poundcake dipped in ganache, lemon tarts, cheesecake, and shortbread cookies with jam.

The tea we were served was the house blend, and it was excellent. I highly recommend this place. The proprietor and hostess, Peggy, was extraordinarily welcoming and explained everything. We had a really lovely time.


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