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Friday Catblogging

It’s that time!  The following photos are typical poses for cats right after they finish breakfast.  The feel the need to check out what’s going on in the backyard.  The get in this semi-standing pose to lord over their domain.  Their number one enemy:  squirrels.dsc00642.jpg



The Real Thing: Friday Catblogging

This first photo is of the two loving stepsisters snuggled up together on our guest bed.


And here is a picture of Cliche on her beloved cat tree. Note that she is having a bad hair day with the tuft of hair sticking up on the top of her head, Alfalfa style.


Wednesday Catblogging

I know it breaks tradition a bit, but I just couldn’t wait till Friday!

Here is Cliche sitting on one of the favored perches in the house — the bay window over our kitchen sink. Since they are not allowed on the counter, we do not know how they get up there. 😉

Cliche by Kitchen Sink

And here’s one of Tillie. I’d been trying to get a close up of her face, because she has beautiful markings, not that I’m biased or anything.

Tillie on Cart

I mentioned to Sujal this morning that it would be funny to do Friday Ratblogging. He said it was disturbing because a) just the concept grossed him out and b) he’d be really freaked out if I could find a rat (esp. in the house) to photograph. So I had to do a quick Google search and there are a lot of ratbloggers out there. Frankly, I was hoping for photos of gutter rats, but what can you do?

It actually made me a remember a time in my life when I lived in a crappy little apartment in Minneapolis with my friend Roger. We had a lot of pets at the time — most of them 6 legged that ran when you turned the light on. But one day I came home from work to find Roger in the most foul mood ever. He’d seen a large rat in the apartment, and he had had enough. We were just about to leave for a stint of house sitting at a MUCH nicer place than ours. Several days later, he informed me that it must have been a Norwegian Rat, which made me laugh endlessly, because suddenly Roger was a rat aficionado. Thus completes my rat experience. If I’d had a photo of that Norwegian rat, I’d post it.

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Cat Blogging

One of these days I am going to get so blogging savvy that I begin the now-dated blogging practice of Friday Cat Blogging. So it seems that Kevin Drum (currently of Washington Monthly) began the Cat Blogging practice on his website Calpundit. I found this funny Cat Blogging-like link from his site. It’s on about his cat Annie. My favorite is “Stealth.”