Astounded Again

Since I love being astounded (great word), I will expound on being astounded by the crappiness of the West Hartford News. I started getting it because I wanted to know more about the community, and I wanted to be aware of local politics. As I read today’s copy of the West Hartford News, there were so many typos that it was ridiculous. There was even a typo (a misspelling) in a headline. A headline, for God’s sake! How hard is it to catch that? The high school newspaper where I work is better copyedited by high school juniors. This is supposed to be a professional paper. They cannot possibly proofread that thing. I get irate when my high school students do not proofread. Way to set an example, WHN.

And I hate to publicly say this, while most of the articles are okay — they are at least somewhat interesting, do the job, cover the local news — the columnist Cindy Basil Howard is not so good. Her weekly columns are so vapid that I cannot even love to hate them. I’m sure CBH is a perfectly nice woman, but as a columnist, uh-uh. Needless to say, I won’t be re-subscribing. Then how will I get the local news? Is there an alternative West Hartford newspaper? I imagine not. Even the free West Hartford Life that gets delivered to my mailbox every month or so is a much better piece of journalism than the West Hartford News.


One thought on “Astounded Again

  1. Josh says:

    You see, Heidi. That was your mistake. You should never be interested in local news. It will take you to a bad place.

    Take my parents, for example. They get a newspaper called The Independent. Is this a real news paper or is it simply a rag paper, taking three day’s ago news and reprinting it with a few “cat stuck in tree” stories? Answer, its DEFINITELY the latter. And, to add insult to injury, my mom gets upset with THEM for how bad it is, as if they were to blame for her subscribing.

    Just give it up. Don’t do it.

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