No, not the game, which BTW, I have never played. It is one of my less lofty goals in life to never ever play it.

Now, on to ETS, the real monopoly. The New York Times has an article on errors in scoring the SAT. I’ve been saying for years that ETS has a pretty damn clear monopoly. They charge pretty outrageous fees, especially for their post-grad tests, and there is virtually no competition. I also firmly believe they are crappy indicators. The article details how finally 2 students out of 4,000 affected by the incorrect scoring came forward. Those of you in the ETS “know” are well aware of the fact that all they send you are scores. If you disagree or want to further check out their accuracy, you need to pay additional fees to have them send you a scored copy. They’ve got a pretty great system of protecting themselves there. And they have a serious impact on kids’ and adults’ futures. I am astounded by how long they have been able to get away with this unfair monopoly.


2 thoughts on “Monopoly

  1. I have been affected by ETS. I lost my teaching position because I can’t get a passing grade on the Praxis II test. I have taken the test 8 times and miss the passing score by 2 points. I DO NOt think that it is fair that ETS is the only testing place that offers the Praxis test. We should have choices and we don’t!

  2. heidi says:

    Thanks for your comment, Jennifer. I’m sorry to hear about. I hope there is an appeals process. If there isn’t — this is clearly a monopoly! Start spreading the word.

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