Lost Season 3 — on Wednesday!!

It’s safe to say Sujal and I are excited, especially now that we have the HD TV, which I still want to chuck out the window. I’m looking forward to seeing it play out, but I have to say, I have some low expectations. I’m not thrilled that we’ll be shifting away from the characters I have come to love, but then again, there have been shifts I anticipated hating previously. My main concern is the lack of finality to the story. I like it’s intricate plot. I like its character development, but I am also a huge fan of the novel — where there’s a trajectory, and aim, an endpoint that pulls the text (show) together. For example — the “monster” machine-thingy — are they just going to let that drop? It seems to have all but faded. But you can bet your sweet bippy that Sujal and I have a date on the sofa Wednesday night.


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