Praying Mantis

As my mother and I sat on my porch this morning, sipping coffee and chatting, we saw two Praying Mantis, one clinging to the outside of the window screen and the other hiding behind some tools — Cliche (the cat) found that one. I was watching the one clinging to the screen, and I think it was dying. During our conversation, it began to sag. Slowly, it’s body began turning brown. Autumn is such a wonderfully delicious season, but it’s also a reminder of death, especially the metaphoric death, that paves the way for rebirth. While it made me a little sad to see the Mantis dying, I remember that the sweet smell of fall leaves, the dying plants and insects are all necessary in the life cycle, so I take a moment to thank that mantis.


One thought on “Praying Mantis

  1. […] of you may know about my fascination with the praying mantis.  Well, in early June while I was gardening, I saw a baby mantis, and just the other day, Lara and […]

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