BMI, Pot Bellies, and the Omentum

As I was going to Yahoo to check my email, I cam across the article on pot bellies and their greater risk of causing heart disease. Lara, my home improvement friend, a.k.a. my health improvement friend, recently told me about the omentum and its relation to heart disease and poor health. (Sorry about the Oprah link. It was all I could easily find that had a decent explanation). Lara explained to me that when one is “apple” shaped or has a big belly, the omentum protrudes, and the tummy often feels hard. The fat underneath tummy muscle is unhealthy. Thus, it is better to be “pear” shaped than “apple” shaped, as Sujal’s uncle (a doctor) will readily tell you. If you won’t take it from Lara or me, take it from Oprah — get your omentum healthy! Lose the pot belly. And get your body mass index to a healthy place.


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