More Movies!

Sujal and I saw two more movies.  This past weekend we saw Super Bad, which despite its good reviews was Super Bad.  I definitely laughed aloud in several parts, but just ask my mom — I laugh at nearly everything.  The flic seems to be aimed at a different audience, not my set of demographics. 

Then we saw The Bourne Ultimatum, another thumbs down from me, despite its good reviews.  My friend Rita said that David Lynch gave it his seal of approval, perhaps explaining why I didn’t like it.  Basically, when I saw the second Bourne film — The Bourne Supremacy, I thought it was too violent.  To say it has gratuitous violence is an understatement.  This movie was the same.

I have not yet seen, but would like to see,  Rocket Science.  It’s about a kid who joins his school’s debate team.  I figured it could be my professional development for debate this year.  😉


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