First 24 Hours in India

Man, I was so homesick in India that I had to go back to the US within my first 24 hours in India:

We went to the US Embassy for an Independence Day celebration. The celebration included lots of American food — hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ, quesadillas, popcorn, fries, beer, etc. They also had a big flag cake. There was a band, and we danced. They even had games, such as tug-of-war, and one heat pitted all of the children against about 10-12 marines. The kids won! But in a follow-up victory, a marine won the watermelon eating contest.

On our way there, we stopped and saw the India Gate, a memorial built by the British to honor fallen Indian soldiers in WWI:

It was a good day. It is very warm here, of course, but I am slowly adapting. Speaking of which, I should get to bed to try to get over jet lag, though it has not been too bad.

Oh — and we went to INA, a market in Delhi. There I had the best peda I have ever had! Yum!!!

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