Adventures from Day 2

I had a rough beginning to my morning. I woke up very early and felt like hell. I was hot and crabby. I finally went for a walk around my sister’s complex, ATS Greens Village. When I got back, I decided to take a shower, and I took a long, refreshing shower. I had my eyes closed through most of it, but right at the end, I turned to face the showerhead, and I looked up. Water was spraying down at me, as one usually expects in a shower, but water was also spraying straight up into the air and hitting the wall, floor, geyser (pronounced “geezer” like an old man — basically an electric water heater) — everywhere. All of my clothes were soaked, as was my towel. We had to clean it all up, and as it turns out, it was a cracked shower head.

Update: Here is Jonathan’s version of the shower head repair story — very funny!

We later went to the Red Fort in Old Delhi.


This was a fort that Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor who had the Taj Mahal built, erected as his fortress in Delhi. It was a cool historic site with iconic Mughal architecture.


We had a tour guide, likely a random guy, who gave us a Disney-esque version of the fort, but it was at least entertaining.

Afterward, we went to a Jain temple across the street, a beautiful old temple. They ever ran a bird hospital. This bird hospital was for sick or injured birds (and rabbits). They had rows and rows of 1 ft by 1 ft cages with sick (and dying) birds. It was a sad thing to see, yet it was good that they had a place to be comforted. As a major tenet of the Jain faith, they believe in not harming any living creatures.



After that we went to Haldiram’s for lunch. I had yummy dosa. I went to get a chai for after, and they were all out! The we came back home and Lesa, Audrey, and I got pedicures, my first one ever. It’s been a good second day. Now I need to get to bed.

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