Exploring with a Traveling Companion

Before I came here, my sister posted on a message board to see if she could find me a traveling companion. This was a lovely idea — someone with whom I could sight see in Delhi and/or travel to Varanasi and Agra.

My companion was eager to meet me. She called Lesa several times, and I finally spoke to her yesterday. We met at the

Lodi Gardens and strolled around. There were various tombs:

I love the arches of the tombs. The gardens were nice, but it is rather dry here, so the gardens were dry. (Speaking of which, it has not rained since I have been here, which is why it is getting very hot.) There was this lovely pond with a stork (?). I loved the lily pads with blooming flowers. These tombs were not well kept up, but then we went to Humayun’s Tomb. This is a world Heritage site, and the tomb was very beautiful — the mix of Islamic and Hindu architecture.

Finally, we went to Khan Market and had a drink at Cafe Turtle. I had a yummy mango lassi, my first of the trip.

This was a trial day for my new travel companion. I don’t know that we are aptly suited. We seem to have different traveling styles, but we had a nice day together today.

Sorry about the confusing nature of how these pictures are laid out — but I am having trouble figuring out how to navigate my own blog! The first nine are of Humayun’s Tomb and surrounding buildings. The next three are of the pond (obviously). The final are three pictures are of tombs at the Lodi Gardens.


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5 thoughts on “Exploring with a Traveling Companion

  1. Lesa says:

    Correction: I did not post a message looking for a travel companion for you. I replied to someone else’s post who was looking for a traveling companion.

  2. Leslie says:

    wanted: traveling companion

  3. Leslie says:

    If you like drinking mango lassis
    and hanging out in the heat
    if you do a little shopping
    and stick to vegetarian vendors on the street

  4. Leslie says:

    For a laugh…

    from the “overheard at Bennington” page on FB:

    Student: Yeah, I really liked the snippets, I thought they were well-done.
    Teacher: Snippets? I think the term you’re looking for is ‘pointers’.
    Student: But I liked the word ‘snippets’! I like the way the word sounds.
    Teacher: And I like the way the word ‘going-to-fail-this-course’ sounds.

  5. Kerri says:

    Beautiful photos! I’m glad to have found them. When I get more time, I’ll read through the posts.

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