A Post from my Niece, Audrey

Hmmmm. (tee-hee) Hmmmm. I am having lots of fun with my Aunt Heidi. I’m going on two trips: to the Golden Temple (in Amritsar) and to Kerala. We are going to have lots of fun in Kerala. We are gong to buy clothes and bangles. I really LOVE Fab India. In Amritsar, we are going to stay at a fancy hotel; we’ll get a view of the Golden Temple, the holiest Sikh shrine.

The people at ATS never clean the pool. It was green as a pond yesterday. Ew. We got pedicures the other day, and I was the hit of the saloon. They all said my feet were too small for a pedicure, but I proved them wrong! I look fabulous. We also got henna at the US Embassy at the fourth of July festival. My henna and my Aunt Heidi’s henna is fading now. I got a hair clip that was 15 rupees. That equals about 30 cents US. If you bargain with the people on the street and you’re a kid, you always get a good price. Take it from me, I know.

We are having a good time!

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2 thoughts on “A Post from my Niece, Audrey

  1. sujal says:

    Hee hee -> “… the hit of the *saloon* … ” 🙂

  2. heidi says:

    You, Uncle Sujal, may think that is a typo, but it is not. That is what they call it here, “the saloon.” I miss you, Uncle Sujal. I wish you were here.

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